the most famous ‘climbs’ in Alta Valtellina and Alta Val Camonica exclusively for athletes and nature lovers

Enjoy Stelvio National Park is back in 2021 for its 4th edition.

Thanks to the success of previous years the initiative organized by Stelvio National Park will take place once again with the focus on sport and nature.

Here in the Park the history of cycling has been made. It is right here, against the splendid backdrop of this protected area, that you can find some of the most famous cycling climbs in the Alps: The Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo passes, Cancano and from this year Bormio 2000. Roads that, in many editions of the Giro d’Italia, have been ridden by the sport’s biggest champions.

Historic roads that, thanks to much initiative and hard work by the inhabitants of the mountains, have connected Alta Valtellina and Alta Valle Camonica with Engadine and Tyrol for centuries, forming trade routes and cultural ties. Roads that during World War One were the setting of the ‘Guerra Bianca’ (White War), fought at the highest points in the area.

Enjoy Stelvio National Park wants to offer everyone, from trained athletes to those who simply love the outdoors, the opportunity to enjoy in complete tranquillity these beautiful winding routes that seem to climb up towards the sky.

On the days of the event the roads will be closed to motorized traffic: for a few days they will be open only to cyclists, hikers, or whoever wants to take on these historic climbs under their own steam.

It’s not a competition, just an opportunity to enjoy these unique routes at your own pace.

The dates have been collected into three ‘blocks’ over the course of the summer, so as to give those arriving from afar the chance to enjoy the full range of climbs.

The initiative is part of the Progetto Cicloturismo della Provincia di Sondrio.

See you soon on the roads of the Enjoy Stelvio National Park