RECAP 24 & 26 JULY

The 2020 season of Enjoy Stelvio National Park got off to a wet start.
It began “Sotto l’acqua” (under the rain) on Friday 24th July on the hairpin bends of the Mortirolo pass, the first of the traffic free days on the most famous Alpine passes of the Stelvio National Park.
The bad weather understandably put many off, only a few brave souls didn’t give up the chance to take on the challenging climb, and in that weather, the no less difficult descent.
Sunday 26th July however offered altogether different conditions for the climb up to the Gavia Pass. The good weather saw at least 1,400 cyclists reach the 2,618m pass from both sides.
The event confirms the growing interest in these motorised traffic-free days on the part of cyclists and other sportspeople.
The choice to dedicate these extraordinary mountain roads, scene of so many sporting triumphs, to cyclists and hikers for a few days a year is increasingly proving to be the right one. There are more and more people who love to enjoy these unique roads and their beautiful mountain backdrops in silence, without the hum of motors or the need to ‘fight for space’ with cars and motorbikes.

But it’s not over yet. A further three dates are lined up for the end of August: Friday 28th the road to Cancano, Saturday 29th the climb to the Stelvio Pass (only on the Lombardy side) and Sunday 30th the Gavia Pass.
Three days of sport and nature on the roads of the Stelvio National Park.