Enjoy Stelvio National Park 2021: Conquering Alpine Passes on two wheels

Ever increasing numbers: sport and nature, a winning combination.

Big numbers in the last four days of Enjoy Stelvio National Park 2021.

Despite the autumn-like weather lots of people took on the legendary cycling climbs of the Stelvio National Park and surrounding areas.

In fact, the decidedly chilly temperatures and the odd light snowfall added something special to the experience of riding these beautiful routes: recalling the stages that made history in the Giro d’Italia.

Confirmation of the success of guaranteeing car-free roads at various times over the summer for sports and nature lovers.
There were four climbs over four days:

  • Thursday 26th August the Mortirolo Pass was centre stage, where 450 participants took on the climb on both sides of the pass;
  • Friday 27th was the turn of the climb to Lake Cancano (over 600 participants);
  • Saturday 28th saw a climb up to an altitude of 2,760m on the Stelvio Pass, from Bormio. An impressive 1,700 people took part;
  • Sunday 29th Last but not least was the Gavia Pass – also from both sides – where 550 participants took part.

The 2021 edition of Enjoy Stelvio therefore concludes on a positive note, thanks in part to the new initiatives introduced this year. For example the ‘only for the bravest’ challenge in July; the chance to take on the four climbs in just two days and take a selfie at the finish line to document the ‘four of a kind’. Eighteen people completed the task.

But on the roads of Enjoy Stelvio, a non-competitive event open to all, everyone, including non-cyclists, was able to take on the climbs according to their ability. Trained athletes and e-bikers, people of all ages, made the event a resounding success.

Since its inception in 2018 the event has become increasingly popular.
Year after year there has been an increase in participants, coming from all over Italy and many other European countries. Further proof of how, in the unique natural environment of the protected area, sport is an effective tool for the promotion of the Stelvio National Park and the scenic value of Valtellina and Valle Camonica.

The next edition of Enjoy Stelvio will take place in 2022.